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“Laurel & Geoffrey: Understanding
Narcissism, Jealousy, Machiavellians,
And More”… a series which is filled
with the dizzying array of passionate
sex & romance, combined with the
confusion, emptiness, loss of friends,
and loss of self, Laurel endures as she
tries to love the histrionic, complex
character of Geoffrey.

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Signs a man is a narcissist:

Are you constantly listening to the fascinating stories he has to
tell about his life, family, ideologies and the image he wants
everyone to see?

Do you find him to be histrionic, constantly needing to be in the

Does everything revolve around him and his hobbies, work,
friends, family or interests? Does he always have to come first?

Have you found him to manipulate you for money, or time
(attention), and expect you to deal with his responsibilities, so
he has more time for what he enjoys?

Is he drawn to name brand clothing, designer shoes, and
materialistic possessions which help support his image?

Are his needs, be it work or personal, always ‘
more important’,
forcing you to put your success, friends,
even family, on the backburner?

Does he withhold sex, possibly even blaming
the lack of sex on you?

Does he invent ways to make himself the victim, and do you
even find him positioning you as the villain?
(After all, every victim needs a villain.)